Thursday, March 27, 2014

SAL Kantha 'Center Flower'

when i went through Anita's Artisticfingers, absolutely gobsmacked seeing the beautiful flower in the perfectly she did it..awesome color too..i couldnt even wait for a day to try it so started stitching just after finishing my household chores..i feel quite happy when iam stitching those wonderful kantha stitches..hmmmm yet to wait till next wednesday! :( usual iam attaching the pics for your view :)..

Thursday, March 20, 2014

SAL Kantha Update

i was waiting for Anita's post from 'Artisticfingers' to do the stitches immediately as iam always curious to learn new embroidery :) i have completed the 3rd step of SAL Kantha where comes the spiral,scroll and special kantha booti..uploaded the pics here..

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SAL Kantha Embroidery

iam posting my 1st SAL kantha Embroidery sampler which i learnt from Anita's Artisticfingers..this is for my 'tablet' cover which is 10×7'' in size..iam using 2 strands here..after doing many more trial and error method i have ended up with this i have uploaded 2 pics including a reverse side as my opinion reverse side always helps us to understand the way of stitching easily..i know practice makes i did challenge and hope it turned out not bad..iam awaiting your feedbacks..i got interested to do this SAl and waiting for next lesson:)..thank you so much anita for your great generous attitude of sharing a wonderful art..

here goes my Kantha embroidery work so far..

                                                          right side

reverse side

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dove Orchid!

Dove inside a flower! kids are always wondering seeing this dove!why kids,i myself love to watch the dove for a longer time..this is the 3rd time my orchid flowers..everymorning i keep my eyes open eagerly waiting to see the hidden dove when the flower blooms..even its beak looks real isn't? and so also the wings! :) i feel excited and wanted to take its photograph and also like to share with all of you through my blog..i took it from my mobile hence not so clear as i expected.. here goes those beautiful snaps of dove orchids from my garden..

thank you..

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