Wednesday, May 30, 2018

🍚Neer Dosa!πŸ₯₯

raw rice -1.5cup
coconut milk- 2-3 cups
arrowroot powder-1tab sp

                                              πŸ‘†watch how dosa comes easily from the pan!                           

πŸ‘ˆthis kind of strainer is good

wash rice and soak for 3 hours..keep it in fridge for 1 hour..take milk from 1 coconut adding required water..mix arrowroot powder in little water and keep aside..make sure not to take cornflour as it resembles arrowroot powder..take a blender add the drain rice,arrowroot mix,coconut milk along with 3 ice cubes and grind till mushy..(ice cubes-to avoid heating of ingredients and also a good tip for easy smooth grinding) take care to add coconut milk little by little, else it cant be ground well..strain these thin batter through a strainer and throw away the leftover stuff..add salt and mix well..add coconut milk till you get the right consistency(watery consistency) like palappam.. heat a nonstick pan, apply oil and put a ladlefull of batter and rotate the pan in such a way that the batter coats nicely all around the surface of pan..need not cover or can just take the dosa out with your hands gets such a texture that you can fold it like a can feel that it melts in your give a try,then eat and enjoy..πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

⚔️Sword Beans upkari

here are some of my homegrown sword beans!! beans grow in abundance in september-december.. today i prepared sword beans upkari/ all time favourite..

the process behind this upkari is something different from other upkaris..wash them well and split them into two halves with a knife..then you can see a thin layer of  film with seeds..scrape the film and seeds out..if they are more tender you do not have to care this step..then cut the beans like thin pieces..heat a wok with 2 tabsp oil..when mustard splutters,add crushed chilly powder followed by the sword beans..sprinkle some salt and a few   water,stir well and close with a lid..stir at intervels and let it cook in a low flame until it becomes soft..a yummy sword beans upkari is ready to serve..

⚔beans upkari a good accompaniment to rice with dal or curd rice..

enjoy cooking!πŸ‘‹

Monday, February 12, 2018

Kachil Phodi

chilly powder
oil to fry

wash well and remove the hard skin and slice them into 1/2' thickness..again wash well these pieces by rubbing salt so that the slippery texture will go..take a vessel with little water,add required salt,chilly powder and hing stir well and add the slices, bring to boil for sometime or till its half cooked..water should also be evaporated by this time..let it cool and now its ready to deep fry..if you wish to serve it to any guests on next day or so,keep it in freezer as the following way..take a plate and place the pieces flat and spread the cling wrap and place rest of the pieces and once again cover with cling that you can keep it for a couple of days in freezer..just take it out 1/2 an hour before for defrosting and then fry and serve the phodis piping hot to get the proper taste ..

(pic1) well washed thick slices
 (pic 2) masala applied slices ready for cooking
(pic3) 1/2 cooked slices ready for frying
(pic 4) fried kachil phodis

 see this is the way how to keep cooked phodis in freezer for another day..πŸ‘‡

(pic5) cooked phodis covered with cling wrap
(pic6) again cling wrap on 2nd top layer also for freezing
(pic7) kept frozen phodis for defrosting

whenever your guests come serve the hot hot kachil phodis with hot tea to surprise them πŸ‘..
definitely they will it

                                                              enjoy cooking!😍

Monday, November 20, 2017

πŸ—’️Kitchen Tip

hi guys you may think this may be a silly tip..dont laugh at me 😞..believe it does help me a lot..usually i use thermal cooking, for rice..but sometimes when in a hurry, i will have to cook in pressurecooker..the problem is that after cooking the rice,my cooker turns messed up and its so hard to clean πŸ˜₯..i think you would also be experienced is a simple tip for you..try this and if you like please share with your friends..iam sure it would be helpful for them as goes the tip πŸ˜‰ ..

adding rice and required water close the lid and take a long tissue paper (fold 2 or three times and make a small slit at the centre) and place above the cooker lid so as the vent tube passes through the slit..thats all what should you do..when the steam comes its absorbed by the tissue paper so the cooker looks always clean πŸ˜Š ..


πŸ‘†this is the way how i place the tissue paper to avoid messy cooker.. 

see,looks clean as before 

 howz it? are you ready to share this tip with others? πŸ‘‹

Saturday, October 21, 2017

🍌Kela Halwa

A must try recipe for you guys!😊

ripe banana-12(approx.2kilos)(it gets super taste if you choose black peeled bananas)..
sugar-2 1/2 cups
cardamom powder-1/2 tsp(optional) i didnt add..

1.grind banana slices in a blender and put in a nonstick wok..i underlined because the paste will splutter if you use any other it's better to choose only nonstick wok..

2.stir for 5mts then add ghee and after sometime add sugar also..make sure not to get burnt on the will leave the sides of the wok gradually..

                                 just a video for your view..πŸ‘†

                                  consistency of halwa after 1hour

                                  consistency of halwa after 11/2hour

                                 consistency of halwa after 2hours will take 2 hours to be done..grease the plate and spread halwa with a greased flat bottomed steel glass and cut into pieces when cool..

its very tastier and simple method of just 3 ingredients..though time taking is longer, iam sure that you will like more and more pieces again and again πŸ˜‹.

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