Friday, April 11, 2014

SAL Kantha 'Bud and Calyx'

i have updated my SAL today following the tutorial from Artisticfingers..hope it's worked out quite nicely..i really enjoyed working with the calyx portion..uploading the front as well as back side..

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Round Kutch Work

recently i have been hunting for some new stitches in youtube and came across this 'round kutch work' which was unknown to me till date..i tried it and the result came out like this..have to practise more and more by reducing the length of running stitches and gaps in between them to get a perfect figure..though kutch work is awesome,this can also be used instead of kutch work for some patterns..we just need to know where to apply this technique to get a beautiful design..

front side

reverse side

here goes the link for tutorial those who want to try:

vedio 1

vedio 2

vedio 3

go through this link for kutch work designs:

Courtsey: Nalini Anbarasu & Sumathi,'Indian Heritage'

Monday, April 7, 2014

SAL Kantha 'curlicues and leaf blades'

this time i was a bit late to update my SAL we had a few days function in our temple and so not able to stitch or blog..but out of curiosity,i had to visit Artisticfingers on wednesday itself to know about how the new post would be?..sooo sorry to know that anita  was not well then:( and the tutorial was too short as well..
anita,hope you are getting over it now..BTW as you asked, iam suggesting a name for the leafy thing ie: leaf blade :) as usual iam attaching the pics here..

Thursday, March 27, 2014

SAL Kantha 'Center Flower'

when i went through Anita's Artisticfingers, absolutely gobsmacked seeing the beautiful flower in the perfectly she did it..awesome color too..i couldnt even wait for a day to try it so started stitching just after finishing my household chores..i feel quite happy when iam stitching those wonderful kantha stitches..hmmmm yet to wait till next wednesday! :( usual iam attaching the pics for your view :)..

Thursday, March 20, 2014

SAL Kantha Update

i was waiting for Anita's post from 'Artisticfingers' to do the stitches immediately as iam always curious to learn new embroidery :) i have completed the 3rd step of SAL Kantha where comes the spiral,scroll and special kantha booti..uploaded the pics here..

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