Saturday, December 6, 2014


last month we had visited Dwaraka temple,Somnath,Nageshwar and also some other related temples around Gujarath..while purchasing,i have attracted a special divine idol of gopalakrishna, made up of solid brass with black coating..there they call him 'ladoo gopal'who is in a crawling pose having ladoo in his right hand ..and i bought many deity accessaries like holy flute,turbans,earstuds,neckwears,bangles,tilak etc etc to decorate my little wooden holy throne was also bought for him..the deity dress,a different one, having varieties of jeri designs and colors,all looking awesome that i was totally confused to choose from the lots..
iam proud to introduce Him to all my friends..this cute krishna will be one of a new addition to my next navaratri golu..

look at my little dwarakadeesh!

                                             iam sure you all will ♥ Him!

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