Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cherry pie & Lemon meringue pie

Xmas Cakes

i had made one cherry pie and lemon meringue pie for last xmas..yeah but they were crochetted by me.. now i like to display both cake slices for your view....i got these patterns from "craftster"..have a bite and give me your feedbacks..:)



Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rope Turtle

simple turtle made by using rope and wire

my 1st craft product that i made using my own idea around 40 years ago..and i was just a school student back then..i have been preserving it in my i am posting the pic for your view..iron wire,rope piece,thread and beads were the only materials i have used for this.. bending the wire to its shape was the only effort behind this ..please do comment..

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rava Paniyarams and Idlys

Rava Paniyarams and Idlys with Coconut Chutney

yesterday i had my breakfast of rava idlys and rava paniyarams..coconut chutney was the i used 2 in 1 batter for idlys and paniyarams....idlys became very fluffy and so also paniyarams...overall my BF was awesome with a piping hot tea :)..

ingredients for idlys/paniyarams:
raw rava-1cup
urad dal-1/2cup
salt-as required
soak urad dal for 5to6 raw rava in a plate and steam for 10 mts in a steamer.let it keep aside to cool...then add required amt of water(abt 2 cups is enough) and mix well to remove lumps..grind the urad dal well in a mixer and add 'water mixed semolina' into this and grind again..take in a vessel and add salt and mixed well..let it ferment day you can make either idlys in a steamer or fry paniyarams in its mould as regular can get about 30 idlys out of this batter..

'rava idlis and paniyarams will be a good choice for ekadasi or like any other auspiscios days'..

for chutney the ingredients are:
1)coconut scrapings
2)dhalia dal(pottukadalai)
3)kasmiri chillies
put 1to6 ingredients in a mixie and grind until it becomes smooth paste nd add required amt of water till you get the consistency of your like..temper mustard nd curry leaves in oil nd add into the chutney..yummy chutney is ready..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cradle cum Purse

now iam going to post a 2-in-1 crochet piece ie, a cute bassinet cum coin purse...when you reverse the cradle it can be used as a ladies purse..i got this pattern from 'daisy designs shop'..hope all of you ♥ this..

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dhanya Decorative bottle..

the things required for this decorative bottle are:
1)different colored lentils(moong,urad,tuar dal,masoor dal,alsantho,rajma,peas etc etc..)
2)a beautifully shaped and styled glass bottle..

the lentils should be well dried in the sun ..the bottle should also be  washed and dried well..1st choice of handful dals should be put inside the bottle and *slowly shake and tap the base of the bottle on the floor carpet 2 to 4 times to avoid gaps between lentils* should be taken not to break the bottle thats why i told you to tap on carpet..then the 2nd layer of your choice of some lentils put on the 1st layer and repeat the process *to*..repeat this process in every layer until it reaches the level of rim..if you have done the process perfectly you cant see even a small gap in between the lentils..finally close the bottle with a tight lid..i used only 4 layers can use as many layers as you like..its upto you..

dhanyas in my bottle are not at all spoiled till date even though they had been filled abt 7years back..
here i used a plastic bottle,even then dals remained as such without any decay..yet, my suggestion is for a glass bottle which will be the best one..

Friday, March 16, 2012

Chicken Scratch Embroidery

Chicken Scratch work is very easy to do either on a matty cloth or on a checked cloth(gingham fabric)..

now iam going to post the pics of my old saree which i totally converted into another new one..its a plain saree with a checked i thought to make use of some embroidery on it and when googled , came to know about chicken scratch embroidery...i did this method on my pallu and the outcome was very good..3 years back i did it..i embroideried small 2 designs heart nd diamond in pallu body and temple border on edges..anchor cotton threads were used..

wrong side
if you feel that the wrong side is messy,you can sew a thin lining piece on that side..but i dont think its necessary..i didnt do that and it didnt hassle me anyway for 3 years until now even though i machine wash it..
for a good tutorial go thru this site which i found last week..hope this helps..

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stitch Practice Samples

My Practice and Experiments in embroidery

i have done different embroidery items but many of my works i gave away as gifts and some went for sale..its pity that i couldn't photograph those..anyways will display one by one whatever i have now with me..

here i post pics of my practice and experiments in can see more or less 100 stitches which i had made to a time pass its a pleasure to me to go thru them frequently..really these pieces are always a treasure to me though they are not worth seeing..:)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Giant bee

Honey bee..Buzzzzzzzzzz
and sat on my palm tree... but it was not a real one..i made a crochet bee and displayed :))..we call this crochet work 'amigurumi'..means making of 'crocheted stuffed goodies'..A japanese art..


kutchwork done on my pillow cover..simple peacock design..

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hibiscus (shoe-flowers)

i have grown many varieties of shoeflowers in my i display some of them...

Sweet Rasgulas

i made some rasgulas and they came out very soft and yummy..i tried umpteen times with different recipies but all were in vain.. this time i tried the recipe from here and i satisfied fully by the good result..they are very soft and tasty and none was burst while cooking process..thanks a ton to Dibs..

Monday, March 12, 2012

crocheted ganesha photo frame fridgie..

lord ganesha

some more fridgies..

more fridgies



flying witch

beautiful fridgies..

i like to show you some of my fridgie close ups..:))



baby frock


i made many different fridgies to stick on my fridge..behind the motif i attached an adhersive magnetic tape so that its very easy to handle..hope you like them..

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