Sunday, July 29, 2012

TAST 2012 WEEK 30 Oyster Stitch

This week's challenge for TAST introduced by Sharon is Oyster stitch..i have just finished is my sampler..

close up

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kokeshi dolls

here comes some of ami goodies collection made by me..last one is my own pattern made just looking on a pic..3 kokeshis are here with different hairstyles..hope you like them..

kokeshi  wearing kimona with a braided hair..

it resembles old fashioned dingdong rocking doll na? which we used to play with in our childhood..

Monday, July 23, 2012

Papaya Dal Curry

Raw papaya-1
tur dal-1/4 cup
drumstick leaves-4 sprigs
grated coconut-1cup full
kudampuli/coccum-a small piece
red chillies-5
turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
for tempering
shallots chopped(optional)
curry leaves

1.peel papaya and wash well..

2.then cut into cubes..

3.grind grated coconut,redchillies,tumeric together with required amt of water into a fine masala..

4.wash the drumstick leaves, discard its stems and keep the leaves alone on a plate..

5.pressue cook tur dal for 2 whistles and when it cools open the cooker and add papaya cubes along with salt and pressure cook again for 2 whistles..transfer this to another vessel and add the masala and cocum and bring to boil.. add the leaves and boil for another 2 mnts..

7.season with mustard,chillies,shallots(optional)and curry leaves in oil..i didnt put shallots here..

A heathy side dish tastes good with either rice or chapathi as well..

Friday, July 20, 2012

LINK Amigurumi!

Legend of Zelda-LINK
Really amigurumi is an addictive art...seeing some pattern i cant wait to try and is done by taking big effort.. i feel the effort is worth as among them is my favourite,legend of was very fun and good experience for me while doing this pattern..

i made this michievious boy by ball nd socket technique...
you can make his head rotatable bcoz it is a removable pivoting head...

iam displaying the pics of dismantled parts of the doll too...plz check them out.

i enjoyed this well though tough to do..if you like,go through the pattern here....

Thursday, July 19, 2012

TAST 2012 WEEK 29 Basque Stitch

this week's stitch challenge is Basque stitch , a combination of twisted chain and can get further details and tutorials in Sharon's blog..i enjoyed doing this stitch in such a way that whatever came to my mind..bullion tipped basque ,double basque and baqsue stitch with shisha work i practised can see it here..

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fabulous Blog Ribbon award !

My 5th Award! :)..
iam truly honoured PREETHI for choosing me for this award ..this is my 5th really feels great to be a part of blogosphere..
i love her space much, from where i collect new simple unique recipies. Check out her Blog to enjoy many more recepies!thank you so much preethi for the love..:)

thank you preethi

i would like to share this award with  my fellow bloggers:
1.Ina for
2.Mahalakshmi for
3.Latha for
4.Shami for
5.Dhyuthi for

congrats dear friends for this fabulous blog ribbon award..please accept this award from here and pass on to 5 deserving bloggers and do encourage them..:)
Enjoy Blogging!

My 6th award SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD recieved from Mrs.PUNITHA @ here  ..awesome Blog with many different yummy all have to prepare and taste her south indian food..yum yum..thank you so much Punitha for sharing this award with me..its really an encouragement in this blogosphere..

thank you Punitha

Again My 7th award SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD recieved from respected Mr.VAI.GOPALAKRISHNAN SIR @ Here who always spend his valuable time for visting all of us to actively encourage on this blogging platform..thank you so much Gopu sir for taking so much effort for all of really really really deserve many more awards in future..thank you once again..

thank you vkg

i would like to share this award with dear kippy,shami and latha

Jennifer @

Shami Immanuel @

Latha @

wish you all the best for the best blogging in future..
enjoy blogging!

My 8th & 9th award LIEBESTER AWARD, i recieved from my 2 blogger friends dear PREETHI and BEENA STEPHY..

thank you Preethi & Beena

thank you so much to both of you for honouring me..i luv you people so much for giving me enough support,encouragement and valuable comments for each and every post in my blog..
hi friends,
its my request that you too can visit Preethi's blog for seeing many yummy innovative recipes..iam sure you also appreciate her..
Beena is very talented for doing her awesome embroidery in different should visit Beena's blog also..apart from that she is very interested in cooking also..i have collected her yummy recipes from her 2nd blog here..hope you will also go through her blog and enjoy well..

i would like to share this award with some of my blogmates..



Kasthuri rajam@





all the best for future blogging to all of you dears..

Again iam honoured by respected Gopu Sir on 16/8/2012,i recieved my 10th award FABULOUS BLOG RIBBON AWARD from VIA.GOPALAKRISHNAN..thank you sir for sharing the award with me..

thank you vgk


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rice Puri with Dal Curry

fine rice flour-1cup
boiled water-approx.3/4 cup
salt to taste
oil for frying
take the flour in a bowl,add salt and pour boiled water little by lttle and make a soft dough..make lemon sized balls out of the dough..apply oil on two polythene papers and place the ball in between and press well with a flat steel bowl..keep all of them on a greased plastic paper..deep fry the puris one by one in hot oil on high will puff up,flip again..let it drain on tissue paper..

tur dal-1/2 cup
green chillies-3
salt to taste
curry leaves
pressurecook tur dal with slit green chillies and enough water for 3 whistles..transfer into a vessel and add reqired amt of water and salt and let it boil..season with oil,mustard and curry leaves..
a heavy and yummy breakfast just by having 3 to 4 puris with dal curry..

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Crochet Granny Star Motif

this is my crochet trial of granny star..this was new to me so i cant wait to try this since i have seen this motif in Luna's wonderful blog..there are so many beautiful free patterns in her blog, that i cant pick one up to be my i have put them in my 'must do list'..thank you Luna for sharing the pattern so promptly on my request..I am not so happy with the output as i feel i might have  gone wrong somewhere at corners..have to try again to correct it..thank you once again dear Luna..

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Crispy LongBean Peel Fritters

whenever i prepare long beans thoran,i use to make these fritters too for the should be prepared just before lunch to avoid getting soggy..

long beans peel
besan flour
turmeric powder
chilly powder
oil for frying

1.set aside some selcted big long beans and remove the peas inside it..this peas can be used along with thoran..and use the outer peel of the same for fritters..

2.cut the outer peel into 1-inch pieces..

3.take these pieces in a bowl,add chiily powder,salt,asafoetida,turmeric powder and mix well..

4.then add besan flour and mix well by sprinkling a little water so that the pieces should be coated with the flour..

5.pour oil in a wok and heat it..gently add the masala coated peels to hot oil and fry till done..

6.drain on tissue paper and serve immediately for lunch..

Friday, July 13, 2012

Avarekai Alu Ghashi

avarekai-1/8 kilo                    
potato-medium 4
tomato-medium 2
grated coconut-1cup
kashmiri chillies-6to8
curry leaves
salt to taste
coconut oil

1.wash the 3 vegetables and cut into pieces..

2.fry kasmiri chillies in 2 tabsp oil and keep aside.. a mixie add grated coconut,fried chillies and asafoetida and grind well till it reaches a masala consistency..

4.pressurecook avarekai and potato along with salt adding required amount of water for 2 whistles..transfer this to another vessel,add tomatoes and cook till done.. this add masala and pinched curry leaves and bring to boil..

6.put off the flame and add fresh coconut oil on top of it..ready to serve..

the criteria of the recipe are asafoetida and fresh coconut oil..
this ghashi is a good combination with rice,idli,dosa and even rotis..

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