Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rava Paniyarams and Idlys

Rava Paniyarams and Idlys with Coconut Chutney

yesterday i had my breakfast of rava idlys and rava paniyarams..coconut chutney was the i used 2 in 1 batter for idlys and paniyarams....idlys became very fluffy and so also paniyarams...overall my BF was awesome with a piping hot tea :)..

ingredients for idlys/paniyarams:
raw rava-1cup
urad dal-1/2cup
salt-as required
soak urad dal for 5to6 raw rava in a plate and steam for 10 mts in a steamer.let it keep aside to cool...then add required amt of water(abt 2 cups is enough) and mix well to remove lumps..grind the urad dal well in a mixer and add 'water mixed semolina' into this and grind again..take in a vessel and add salt and mixed well..let it ferment day you can make either idlys in a steamer or fry paniyarams in its mould as regular can get about 30 idlys out of this batter..

'rava idlis and paniyarams will be a good choice for ekadasi or like any other auspiscios days'..

for chutney the ingredients are:
1)coconut scrapings
2)dhalia dal(pottukadalai)
3)kasmiri chillies
put 1to6 ingredients in a mixie and grind until it becomes smooth paste nd add required amt of water till you get the consistency of your like..temper mustard nd curry leaves in oil nd add into the chutney..yummy chutney is ready..

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latha said...

Will certainly try this recipe...

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