Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Boil Over Safeguard

an indispensable household device for i want to introduce it here..its just a 2 piece gadget- a round silicone disc having some big holes in the center with a small top silicone lid..actually this Gadget is used for boiling pastas in US which helps to prevent spilling overs..

here i use this lid whenever i cook my rice..i dont like to cook rice in pressure cooker..i always boil the red rice in a pot on stove top for less than 15 minutes (for white rice 5 minutes is enough) and then keep inside the Rice Thermal Cooker(non-electric)..after 1 hour its ready to serve..when boiling rice,i cover rice pot with this silicone disc with its cover and it helps me not to boil over outside the vessel..even if i put on high flame,no mess at all and no worry  at need of standing long near the kitchen counter and also saves more time for doing other works..besides,my gas stove and vessel will always be kept clean..yes i mean really it saves clean up in the kitchen..

it can also be used for boiling  milk,vegetable gravies or anything else..i dont think,so far it is available in india..i bought it when i was in US..i recommend this product for all of you and hope it will be come to india soon..

2-piece gadget

                                see how the gadget helps me in my kitchen:)


margaret said...

this sounds like a great gadget to have, I hate having to clean the stove especially when rice has boiled over, must have a look for one of these and maybe treat my 2 daughters to one each too

Leelagovind said...

you must try this sure you and your daughters will adore it:)

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