Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mango chutney and Humman

now MANGO is everywhere everywhere!!!
and many more varieties as well!!!
as this is a mango season we can use them (either raw or ripe) in many versions..2 of them i am posting here..

Raw Mango Chutney
1.raw mango-2 nos
2.shallots-5 or 6 chillies-4 or 5
5.coconut oil-1 tab sp
peel the mangoes and cut into pieces..
put 1 to 4 ingredients in a mixer and grind coarsely..remove it into a bowl and add oil on top and give a mix..ready to take with meal or breakfast items and even with can also opt asafoetida powder instead of shallots..that also gives another flavour for a change..

Ripe Mango Godda Humman
ripe mangoes-4 or 5
jaggery-300 gms or more as per your taste
salt-a pinch
corn flour-2 tsp
for seasoning
pepper powder-2 tsp
cumin seeds
curry leaves
cut the mangoes(need not peel) in big sizes(2 long side pieces + middle portion with its seed)..put them in a vessel,add a few water and salt..boil it for 5 mts..then put jaggery and boil again..mix cornflour with 1tabsp water, stir well and add to the above and bring to boil again..put oil in a thadka pan and season with mustard,jeera,pepper powder and curryleaves and add on top of the hot ready to serve as a dessert..
sorry i was not able to take the picture of the humman after seasoning it :(
as it had already finished and vanished from my table :))..

Enjoy Cooking!


margaret said...

mouthwatering both of these recipies

Deepa said...

Thanks for the lovely recipes.The seed also needs to be boiled for the humman?

Leelagovind said...

thank you margaret :)

Leelagovind said...

deepa thanks for your visit..
boil just to cook the flesh of mango around the seed..when eating you can have the juice and flesh out of the mango and throw the seeds out..its interesting to eat such a way deepa :)

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