Monday, November 20, 2017

πŸ—’️Kitchen Tip

hi guys you may think this may be a silly tip..dont laugh at me 😞..believe it does help me a lot..usually i use thermal cooking, for rice..but sometimes when in a hurry, i will have to cook in pressurecooker..the problem is that after cooking the rice,my cooker turns messed up and its so hard to clean πŸ˜₯..i think you would also be experienced is a simple tip for you..try this and if you like please share with your friends..iam sure it would be helpful for them as goes the tip πŸ˜‰ ..

adding rice and required water close the lid and take a long tissue paper (fold 2 or three times and make a small slit at the centre) and place above the cooker lid so as the vent tube passes through the slit..thats all what should you do..when the steam comes its absorbed by the tissue paper so the cooker looks always clean πŸ˜Š ..


πŸ‘†this is the way how i place the tissue paper to avoid messy cooker.. 

see,looks clean as before 

 howz it? are you ready to share this tip with others? πŸ‘‹

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