Saturday, October 21, 2017

Kela Halwa

A must try recipe for you guys!😊

ripe banana-12(approx.2kilos)(it gets super taste if you choose black peeled bananas)..
sugar-2 1/2 cups
cardamom powder-1/2 tsp(optional) i didnt add..

1.grind banana slices in a blender and put in a nonstick wok..i underlined because the paste will splutter if you use any other it's better to choose only nonstick wok..

2.stir for 5mts then add ghee and after sometime add sugar also..make sure not to get burnt on the will leave the sides of the wok gradually..

                                 just a video for your view..👆

                                  consistency of halwa after 1hour

                                  consistency of halwa after 11/2hour

                                 consistency of halwa after 2hours will take 2 hours to be done..grease the plate and spread halwa with a greased flat bottomed steel glass and cut into pieces when cool..

its very tastier and simple method of just 3 ingredients..though time taking is longer, iam sure that you will like more and more pieces again and again 😋.

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