Monday, February 12, 2018

Kachil Phodi

chilly powder
oil to fry

wash well and remove the hard skin and slice them into 1/2' thickness..again wash well these pieces by rubbing salt so that the slippery texture will go..take a vessel with little water,add required salt,chilly powder and hing stir well and add the slices, bring to boil for sometime or till its half cooked..water should also be evaporated by this time..let it cool and now its ready to deep fry..if you wish to serve it to any guests on next day or so,keep it in freezer as the following way..take a plate and place the pieces flat and spread the cling wrap and place rest of the pieces and once again cover with cling that you can keep it for a couple of days in freezer..just take it out 1/2 an hour before for defrosting and then fry and serve the phodis piping hot to get the proper taste ..

(pic1) well washed thick slices
 (pic 2) masala applied slices ready for cooking
(pic3) 1/2 cooked slices ready for frying
(pic 4) fried kachil phodis

 see this is the way how to keep cooked phodis in freezer for another day..👇

(pic5) cooked phodis covered with cling wrap
(pic6) again cling wrap on 2nd top layer also for freezing
(pic7) kept frozen phodis for defrosting

whenever your guests come serve the hot hot kachil phodis with hot tea to surprise them 👍..
definitely they will it

                                                              enjoy cooking!😍

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