Wednesday, April 11, 2018

⚔️Sword Beans upkari

here are some of my homegrown sword beans!! beans grow in abundance in september-december.. today i prepared sword beans upkari/ all time favourite..

the process behind this upkari is something different from other upkaris..wash them well and split them into two halves with a knife..then you can see a thin layer of  film with seeds..scrape the film and seeds out..if they are more tender you do not have to care this step..then cut the beans like thin pieces..heat a wok with 2 tabsp oil..when mustard splutters,add crushed chilly powder followed by the sword beans..sprinkle some salt and a few   water,stir well and close with a lid..stir at intervels and let it cook in a low flame until it becomes soft..a yummy sword beans upkari is ready to serve..

⚔beans upkari a good accompaniment to rice with dal or curd rice..

enjoy cooking!👋

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