Wednesday, May 30, 2018

🍚Neer Dosa!🥥

raw rice -1.5cup
coconut milk- 2-3 cups
arrowroot powder-1tab sp

                                              👆watch how dosa comes easily from the pan!                           

👈this kind of strainer is good

wash rice and soak for 3 hours..keep it in fridge for 1 hour..take milk from 1 coconut adding required water..mix arrowroot powder in little water and keep aside..make sure not to take cornflour as it resembles arrowroot powder..take a blender add the drain rice,arrowroot mix,coconut milk along with 3 ice cubes and grind till mushy..(ice cubes-to avoid heating of ingredients and also a good tip for easy smooth grinding) take care to add coconut milk little by little, else it cant be ground well..strain these thin batter through a strainer and throw away the leftover stuff..add salt and mix well..add coconut milk till you get the right consistency(watery consistency) like palappam.. heat a nonstick pan, apply oil and put a ladlefull of batter and rotate the pan in such a way that the batter coats nicely all around the surface of pan..need not cover or can just take the dosa out with your hands gets such a texture that you can fold it like a can feel that it melts in your give a try,then eat and enjoy..👋👋

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