Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Homemade BUTTER and GHEE making process

Easy Process of Butter Making
iam going to explain the process of butter making..the ordinary method is that by adding a spoon of starter to milk let it curdle for a few hours and by beating into mixie the butter seperates leaving buttermilk as well..i dont want buttermilk, at the same time by this way we can get only a dash of butter at a time..so i have chosen another way for past 3 years..let me share the step by step process with you..

usually i use 3 milma packets(each 1/2 litre)for the daily needs for tea and curds..

1.allow the milk to boil in a vessel and cover it leaving some gap..let it cool..

2.uncover the lid and seperate the cream of milk formed on the top with a scoop..see the different steps of how can i do this..

3.put the cream in a glass bottle and keep in a refrigerator..repeat this everyday..

4.after 2 weeks these collected thick cream pour into a mixie and add more water(approx the same measure or more of the cream) and whip(using whip blade) it for just 3 to 5mnts..you will get a ball of butter so fast..see the steps how the butter forms..

5.seperate the butter ball from the fake buttermilk..throw away the waste water..

this is a very easy process..and 3 advantages are there..fat free milk,fat free curds and butter for no cost..hope you will try this and once you try it may be your routine, seeing the big ball of butter at a time..enjoy easy butter making for preparing cakes and applying on toasts..

process of Ghee making
if you want some ghee out of this butter follow these steps:

6.put the butter ball in a wok and let it melt in a medium flame ..stir constantly..

7.the liquid becomes transparent and can see the bottom of the wok clearly by settling the sediments..switch off the flame once the sediments start getting brownish..the ghee is done..

8.add 4 or 5 fenugreek seeds to it..

9.let it cool and strain the ghee in a glass bottle using a strainer...

10. next day ghee solidifies itself and ready to use for making sweets like cookies,halwas etc..

                                                   enjoy ghee making!


Mira said...

wow! aromatic post. :)

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happy to be first here to taste the fresh ghee :)

Home prepared ghee are so nice and always my favourite.

Beena said...

Thanks for sharing this

letslearnembroidery said...

This looks quite easy.I'm going to try this because butter is really expensive nowadays.

Unknown said...

very useful info.. my mom makes it often..

வை.கோபாலகிருஷ்ணன் said...

Homemade BUTTER and GHEE making process is explained very well.

The pictures shown are also very Nice.

Good smell in the post like good quality Butter & Ghee.

Thanks for sharing this Ghee process.

anjana said...

very useful and informative post!loved the idea..

Reshmi said...

very helpful.. me going to save this... thank you for sharing

Mahi said...

My mom used to do this...usefull idea! Ghee looks great!

Shakti said...

I love Ghee and often make it!It was very interesting to see

Julie said...

Flavorful ghee & home made is the best..I used to make it the same way ,back in India..But now here we don't find cream on top of milk so make it with unsalted butter:-)

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Leelagovind said...

thank you all for liking butter and ghee making process..i will get more or less 300gms ghee every month by this way..here the price of ghee varies from 280Rs to 300Rs per 1/2Kg..
to clean your mixie,pour some warm water and just whip and then wash well..

வை.கோபாலகிருஷ்ணன் said...


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Leelagovind said...

yes sir, it was a pleasant surprise to me when i went through your blog and very happy to accept the award..big thanks to you sir..expecting your valuable comments in future..

Priya Suresh said...

Nothing will beat homemade stuffs, well done Leela, btw coming to the icecream,instead of scheduling i posted accidently, you can see the post rite now,i posted it correctly.

Unknown said...

WoW.. Nei katchura vasana inga vairukkum manakuthu leela akka.. super pongoo.. I have also just started recently very useful one.. i can save lump amount in grocery shopping he he he

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