Tuesday, October 17, 2017

bittergourd onion masala

todays recipe of bittergourd onion maala

tamarind-amla size
roasted coconut masala- 3-4 tabsp
curry leaves

for roasted coconut masala
1.grated coconut-2cup
2.dried red chillies-10
3.coriander seeds-2tsp
4.curry leaves-3 sprigs
Roast the above 4 masala ingredients together in a pan on a low flame until golden brown and crisp.. grind them in a mixie absolutely dry(without water) till oil oozes out..let it cool completely..using 1 or 2 coconuts you can prepare this masala and kept in an airtight container for preparing various purposes..i have already given pics and details here..its shelf life goes for more than 6 months..however, only 3-4 tabsp masala is enough for the dish here..

how to prepare
1.wash and deseed bittergourds..

2.chop the bittergourd lengthwise 1.5" inch long and 1/2'' thick..

3.apply salt and keep for 10 minutes..fry the pieces in oil..

4.cut onion to half and again cut into pieces..

5.soak some tamarind in warm water, squeeze out the extract and keep in a bowl..

6.so as keep aside, enough roasted coconut masala in a bowl from the stocked bottle..

7.heat some oil in a kadai add mustard and curry leaves..then add onions and saute till they turn transaparent(pic 1)..

                                                                      pic 1

8.turn the gas in low flame..add fried pieces of bittergourd and mix well (pic 2)..

                                                                         pic 2

9. then add tamarind extract and required salt as per your taste (pic 3)..

                                                                           pic 3

10.again stir well for few seconds..add roasted coconut masala to this (pic 4)and mix well till the masala gets coated on all pieces (pic 5)..after sometime turn off the flame..

                                                                          pic 4

                                                                          pic 5

bittergourd onion masala is ready to serve with rice,curd rice and even chapathis..this will easily last almost for 1 week without refrigeration if you take good care..

enjoy cooking and eating! 

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